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Over the year’s properties can receive numerous coats of paint. Water proof paint especially can cause damage to your property, such as timber rot, blown render and damp. Waterproof paint stops the exterior walls from breathing, and prevents them drying out naturally.

When the paint starts to deteriorate, water can find a way in, becoming trapped inside the wall unable to evaporate. The exterior walls can start to deteriorate, with what is known as the freeze thaw effect.

This happens in winter, when the trapped water freezes and expands inside the walls causing damage to brickwork and render.

Older buildings without cavities tend to have timber in direct contact with solid outside walls,this includes lath and plaster walls and floor joists. These are both susceptible to rot caused by trapped water.

Samson Building Restoration  also prides its self on being able to offer a steam paint removal service, to clean or erase paint from exterior masonry and brickwork.

This Specialist equipment when used by our professional team, can be gentle enough to remove decades of dirt and paint without being too abrasive to the original background.

The point to this specialist paint removal system is that by removing the dirt or paint will allow your building to breathe again and prolong its life.

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