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Historical listed buildings merit special protection. We are passionate about the conservation and care of our heritage and history. Our dedicated team have worked on historic buildings large and small mainly in Hastings and St Leonard's and surrounding areas in the south east of England.

All of these buildings require specialist attention, that is why owners should always seek professional advice, before carrying out any repairs or alterations to a listed building that might affect its architectural or historical character and value.

From Regency classics to modest Victorian terraces, from Mansions to small cottages. Samson Building Restoration Est 1929 have been responsible for some of our most precious buildings, preserving what we can and restoring what we can't.

It has been known for our team to be called out to some projects, where demolition works have been already undertaken and in some cases with a little care the exterior or interior structure and features could have been saved and repaired, which has been detrimental to the owners building and their financial costs. Therefore It is always advisable to seek professional advice first before starting any project.

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